Episode 19: Extra Mustard, This Should Be the News and Squared Circle Revue is This Friday!

Jim reassures us that the reports of radio’s demise are premature in an Extra Mustard segment, Pants proposes a combination jail/soccer stadium in his new This Should Be the News segment and promoted one of his favorite things to do – play by play for Squared Circle Revue’s crazy vision of pro wrestling. All in all a fun episode as the guys look to add some new recurring segments we hope you’ll enjoy.

And if you’re curious what Squared Circle Revue is here is a promo video from a previous event that will give you an idea of what you can expect:

This year the cybernetic dude bro from the future, the arrogant time-traveling Bro Bot, is throwing a spring break spectacular complete with spring break related matches and segments. Pants will help determine who Baby Gaga’s father is once and for all, Pogo the world’s only one legged wrestler returns (inspirational speaker, former WWE star and American Ninja Warrior competitor Zach Gowen) and Sal Silk, the man with the smoothest legs in wrestling, struggles to keep up with party boy Bro Bot. Sound ridiculous? Of course it does!




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