Episode 18: Wael and Muhammad of Ready Player One

Wael and Muhammad from the highly anticipated Greektown bar and arcade Ready Player One stopped by the Podcast Detroit studios to talk with Mustard and Onions!

Jim and Pants asked them about opening a new bar and restaurant with an entertainment component in the competitive downtown scene, about some of the classic machines (both arcade video games and traditional pinball machines) they’ve been collecting to make this a spot that will appeal to gamers of every generation and their decision to bring it to life.

Best of all they say they’ll have token fairies gifting tokens to anyone who is buying beer and food. I couldn’t get them to confirm that they’d wear a tutu and wings.

The guys have gotten quite a bit of local press, here’s a round up:

I’m looking forward to hanging out and putting my initials on one or two of the machines!

In unrelated news:

After the show Jim and I were chatting in the parking lot and this little fella wandered into our conversation. If he was more talkative I would have gotten an interview.



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